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The Wooster Group’s Version of Tennessee Williams’ Vieux Carré ()

Produced by

The Wooster Group

Presented by

World Stage

Director: Elizabeth LeCompte


The Fleck Dance Theatre


March 28th, 2012 – March 31st, 2012


One of Williams’ last, elegiac plays is boldly re-imagined by the most influential and experimental theatre company in the U.S. This radical – yet textually faithful – interpretation of Williams’ autobiographical play seethes with sexual and creative awakening, desire and loneliness in New Orleans. (


Ari Fliakos The Writer
Daniel Pettrow Photographer / Sky
Kate Valk Mrs. Wire / Jane Sparks
Kaneza Schaal Nursie
Scott Shepherd Nightingale / Tye McCool
Daniel Jackson The Pickup
Alan Boyd Kleiman Mary Maude / Miss Carrie (on video)
Ben Williams The Judge (voice-over)
Casey Spooner Dancer (on video)
Andrew Schneider Avatar

Creative Team

Elizabeth LeCompte Director
Jennifer Tipton Lighting Designer
Matt Schloss Sound Designer
Omar Zubair Sound Designer
Andrew Schneider Video Designer
Aron Deyo Projection Designer
Enver Chakartash Wardrobe
Dennis Dermody Cineturg


Bozkurt Karasu Production Manager
Teresa Hartmann Stage Manager
Kent Barrett Master Electrician
Eric Dyer Rigger
Daniel Jackson Technical Assistant
Cooper Gardner Technical Assistant
Bobby McElver Sound Assistant
Casey Spooner Special Advisor
Cynthia Hedstrom Producer


Brian Aitken Production Manager
Sam Shaw Technical Director
Allan Day Head Electrician
Duncan Morgan Stage Carpenter
Phil Clemo Audio Engineer
Pieter Bruelemans Head Flyman
Larry Cox Setup Crew
Remington North Setup Crew
Michael Brunet Setup Crew
Colleen Pilger Setup Crew
Angela Molina Setup Crew
Grant Primeau Setup Crew
Alida Keenleyside Setup Crew
John Paul Langeloh Setup Crew
Patrick Hales Setup Crew
Alex Maitland Setup Crew
Tim Davidson Setup Crew
Marc Rochefort Setup Crew