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Blind Date ()

Presented by

World Stage

Creator: Rebecca Northan


Brigantine Room


March 3rd, 2009 – March 7th, 2009


BLIND DATE opens in a Parisian café somewhere along the banks of the Seine where Mimi sits and waits for a blind date. When he doesn’t show up, Mimi turns to the audience, sure to find someone brave enough to answer Love’s call. What follows is a lifetime of surprises…

A fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants fusion of clown, improvisation, theatre, and social experiment BLIND DATE is one of the most daring theatrical undertakings you are likely to see… Rebecca Northan, dubbed “The sexiest and most lovable Parisian woman to ever wear a clown nose.” – The New West Magazine, chooses an unsuspecting member of the audience to be her Blind Date…and then explores with them the ups and downs of love, heart break and everything in between!
No script. No safety-net. No escape.

The result: 90 minutes of nail-biting hilarity, voyeurism, and thrills! (Show Facebook Event)


Rebecca Northan Mimi
Jamie Northan Various
Kristian Reimer Various

Creative Team

Rebecca Northan Creator
Jamie Northan Scenographer
Kristian Reimer Scenographer
Sean Bowie Sound Improv
Brandon Kleiman Designer
Geoff Bouckley Lighting Designer


Kim Trollope Technical Director
Kate McKay Head Electrician
Ian Harper Sound Engineer
Geoff Bouckley Production Coordinator
Adam Reich Assistant Production Coordinator
Katherine Sanders Assistant Produciton Coordinator
Alex Maitland Technician
Heather Richards Technician
Gord Zubrecki Technician