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Straight White Men ()

Produced by

Young Jean Lee’s Theater Company

Presented by

World Stage

Playwright: Young Jean Lee
Director: Young Jean Lee


The Fleck Dance Theatre


June 3rd, 2015 – June 6th, 2015


When Ed and his three adult sons come together to celebrate Christmas, they enjoy cheerful trash-talking, pranks, and take-out Chinese. Then they confront a problem that not even their happy family can solve. When identity matters, and privilege is problematic, what is the value of being a straight white man? (Show program)


Patch Darragh Jake
Frank Boyd Drew
Richard Riehle Ed
Scott Shepherd Matt

Creative Team

Young Jean Lee Playwright
Young Jean Lee Director
Emilyn Kowaleski Associate Director
David Evans Morris Scenic Designer
Enver Chakartash Costume Designer
Chris Giarmo Sound Designer
Jamie McElhinney Sound Designer
Faye Driscoll Movement
Mike Farry Dramaturgy
Eric Shethar Associate Dramaturge
Braulio Cruz Assistant Director
Kaela Garvin Assistant Designer
Julia Mounsey Assistant Director
Zachary Segel Assistant Director
Cate McCrea Assistant Set Designer


Aaron Rosenblum Producer
Matthew Kagen Associate Producer
Chloƫ Brown Production Manager
Nathan Lemoine Technical Director
Stephanie Byrnes Harrell Production Stage Manager
Yolanda Royster Stage Manager
Elizabeth Sargent Props Master


Brian Aitken Production Manager
Sam Shaw Technical Director
Pieter Bruelemans Stage Carpenter
Allan Day Head Electrician
Phil Clemo Audio Engineer