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The Cleansing of Constance Brown ()

Produced by

Stan’s Cafe

Presented by

World Stage

Creators: Alex Alderton and Gerard Bell and Gareth Brierley and Jake Oldershaw and Graeme Rose and Bernadette Russell and Craig Stephens
Director: James Yarker


Harbourfront Centre Theatre


May 5th, 2009 – May 9th, 2009


7 performers, 73 characters, 6 words.

Shifting time and space, The Cleansing of Constance Brown moves in and out of a 15-metre long corridor which the audience views from one end. Startling and evocative images and soundscapes bring the corridor alive and conjure up visions of what’s happening behind the corridor’s mysterious doors. (


Alex Alderton Performer
Gerard Bell Performer
Gareth Brierley Performer
Jake Oldershaw Performer
Graeme Rose Performer
Bernadette Russell Performer
Craig Stephens Performer

Creative Team

Alex Alderton Creator
Gerard Bell Creator
Gareth Brierley Creator
Jake Oldershaw Creator
Graeme Rose Creator
Bernadette Russell Creator
Craig Stephens Creator
James Yarker Director
Nina West Music
Richard Chew Music
Ian Dixon Music
Paul Arvidson Lighting Designer
Ana Rutter Prop Designer
Kay Wilton Costume Designer


Paul Arvidson Lighting Board Operator
Nina West Sound Operator
Billy Hiscoke Stage Manager
Billy Hiscoke Tour Manager
Karen Stafford Costume Buyer
Karen Stafford Props Buyer
Ed Dimsdale Photographer


Sam Shaw Interim Technical Director
Patrick Hales Head Electrician
Duncan Morgan Audio Engineer
Grant Primeau Stage Carpenter