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All Our Happy Days Are Stupid ()

Produced by

Suburban Beast

Presented by

World Stage

Playwright: Sheila Heti
Directors: Jordan Tannahill and Erin Brubacher


Harbourfront Centre Theatre


February 11th, 2015 – February 14th, 2015


All Our Happy Days Are Stupid tells the story of two families on permanent vacation, searching for contentment and authenticity outside the confines of their flat-fronted black and-white existence. Sheila Heti’s eclectic play was called “unstageable” by the Toronto theatre company that commissioned it nearly a decade ago. It took the dogged curiosity of Jordan Tannahill and his Suburban Beast co-conspirator Erin Brubacher to put together a company of artists bold enough to reveal all its playful seriousness. Singing music penned by Dan Bejar (Destroyer, The New Pornographers), the exceptional cast of Toronto bright lights push Heti’s hyper-realism through realms of the absurd and back again to the unmistakably familiar. They arrive at what feels remarkably like wisdom. (


Lorna Wright Jenny Oddi
Anne Wessels Plurabelle / Hotelier / Constable
Naomi Skwarna Ms. Oddi
Michael McManus The Handsome Man Who Doesn't Know Why / Man in the Bear Suit
Alexander Carson Mr. Oddi
Erin Brubacher Livinia / Woman in Bar
Nicholas Hune-Brown Daniel Sing
Carl Wilson The Prince of All Seasons
Becky Johnson Mrs. Sing
Meghan Swaby The Young Bride
Jon McCurley Mr. Sing
Henri Fabergé The Hobbled Man / Waiter / Constable
Kayla Lorette Dan / Johnny Rockets

Creative Team

Sheila Heti Playwright
Jordan Tannahill Director
Erin Brubacher Director
Dan Bejar Songs
Rae Powell Set Designer
Zack Russell Lighting Designer
Juliann Wilding Costume Designer
Joe Pagnan Assistant Set Designer
Kaileigh Krysztofiak Assistant Lighting Designer


Zack Russell Production Manager
Laura Hendrickson Stage Manager