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Conte d’amour ()

Produced by

Ballhaus Ost and Baltic Circle International Festival and Inkonst and Institutet and Nya Rampen

Presented by

World Stage

Director: Markus Öhrn
Writer: Anders Carlsson Light


The Fleck Dance Theatre


April 1st, 2014 – April 5th, 2014


Conte d’amour is video-artist-turned-theatre-maker Markus Öhrn’s remarkable voyage into darkness. It’s an involving, implicating video-play, a Lynchian exploration of familial control composed of images that resolutely cross and re-cross the border of desire and horror. Disturbing, demanding, but absolutely necessary, Conte d’amour has toured the world since its debut in 2010. It’s like a decoder ring for patriarchal madness. It’s an endurance piece that approaches a universal language as believable as it is unthinkable. (


Jakob Öhrman Performer
Elmer Bäck Performer
RasmusSlätis Performer
Anders Carlsson Light Performer

Creative Team

Markus Öhrn Director
Anders Carlsson Light Text
Markus Öhrn Stage
Markus Öhrn Video
Markus Öhrn Photo
Andreas Catjar Composer
Andreas Catjar Music
Pia Aleborg Costume


Patrick Tucholski Technical Management
Pamela Schlewinski Tour Management


Pieter Bruelemans Stage Carpenter
Allan Day Head Electrician
Phil Clemo Audio Engineer