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Shakuntala ()

Produced by

Harbourfront Centre and Pleiades Theatre

Presented by

World Stage

Director: Charles Roy


The Fleck Dance Theatre


February 4th, 2009 – February 15th, 2009


King Dushyanta and a devout young woman, Shakuntala, meet in innocence, fall in love, are cruelly separated and eventually reunited in eternity. Poetic and deeply human, this story takes you on a magnificent, emotion-filled journey that is profound and far-reaching. (


Anita Majumdar Shakuntala
Sanjay Talwar King Dushyanta
Pragna Desai Priyamvad
David Collins Kanva / Charioteer
Frank Cox-O’Connell Vidusaka / Durvasas
Melee Hutton Gautami
Carrie-Lynn Neales Anasuya

Creative Team

Charles Roy Director
Charles Roy Adapter
Hari Krishnan Choreographer
Reza Jacobs Music
Teresa Przybylski Set Designer
Milan Shahani Costume Designer
Itai Erdal Lighting Designer
Angela McQueen Head of Wardrobe
Angela McQueen Wigs and Hair


Helen Solodkina Head Draper
Laura Gardner Head Draper
Vanesa Soares Stitcher/Builder
Heather Jacobsen Stitcher/Builder
Marinda de Beer Stage Manager
Matt Farrell Production Manager
Ashley Ireland Assistant Stage Manager


Bob Greene Technical Director
Heather Richards Head Electrician
Larry Cox Stage Carpenter
Phil Clemo Audio Engineer
Brian Aitken Head Flyman
Alex Maitland Flyman
Katie Horrill Electrician
Kevin Sodhi Electrician