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Do Animals Cry ()

Produced by

Damaged Goods

Presented by

World Stage

Choreographer: Meg Stuart


The Fleck Dance Theatre


March 3rd, 2010 – March 6th, 2010


Do Animals Cry explores one of the most universally recognized and emotionally driven environments: the family. Fascinated by the fragile and flawed human condition, Stuart delves deeply into the complex relationships of parents and children. (Show Press Release)


Jois Camelin Performer
Alexander Jenkins Performer
Adam Linder Performer
Anja Müller Performer
Kotomi Nishiwaki Performer
Frank Willens Performer

Creative Team

Meg Stuart Choreographer
Bart Van den Eynde Dramaturge
Hahn Rowe Music
Doris Dziersk Set
Rita Hausmann Collaboration Set
Nina Gundlach Costumes
Jan Maetens Light


Robrecht Ghesquière Technical Director
Milos Vujkovic Sound Technician
Milos Vujkovic Lighting Technician
Christine Peterges Production Manager
Albine De Wasseige Wardrobe and Props
Noélie Verdier Costume Assistant
Marlène Verdier Production Assistant