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Damascus ()

Produced by

Traverse Theatre

Presented by

World Stage

Playwright: David Greig


Harbourfront Centre Theatre


April 22nd, 2008 – April 26th, 2008


Welcome to Damascus, the oldest continuously inhabited city on earth, a jewel of the Arab world and the crossroads of the Middle East. In a brief encounter in a hotel, a Scottish businessman finds himself grappling with language and love, meanings and misunderstandings. (


Nathalie Armin Muna
Ewen Bremner Paul
Alex Elliot Wasim
Dolya Gavanski Elena
Khalid Laith Zacharias

Creative Team

David Greig Playwright
Philip Howard Director
Anthony Macllwaine Designer
Chahine Yavroyan Lighting Designer
Jon Beales Composer
Graham Sutherland Sound Designer


Bob Greene Technical Director
Larry Cox Stage Carpenter
Heather Richards Head Electrician
John Paul Langeloh Audio Engineer
Cheryl Lalonde Head of Wardrobe
Brian Aitken Head Flyman