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Mabou Mines DollHouse ()

Produced by

Mabou Mines

Presented by

World Stage

Creator: Lee Breuer
Director: Lee Breuer

Adapted from A Doll House by Henrik Ibsen.


Harbourfront Centre Theatre


January 24th, 2007 – February 4th, 2007

Awards & Nominations

2007 Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding Touring Production.


Nora comes home with a Christmas present. It is a dollhouse so large that the children can play inside. All the period furniture, the crockery, the knick-knacks are the right size for the children, Emmy and Ivar, who are hardly more than three feet tall.

Enter Torvald, Rank, and Krogstad – We find that the men are the same size as the children. Is this dollhouse the world of patriarchy, the world in which a woman never fits?

Here Ibsen’s feminism is metaphorically rendered as a parable of scale. The dollhouse is a man’s world and only doll-like women, who allow their men to feel grand, can hope to live in it. Even the cod-Norwegian accents are miniaturized; like the accents in Disney’s “It’s A Small World”. Nothing here is real except the pain. Both Torvald and Nora are trapped in a meta-narrative, playing out an illusion of male power. Both pay the price: the death of love. (


Maudie Mitchell Nora Helmer
Mark Povinelli Torvald Helmer (Jan. 24 - 28)
Nic Novicki Torvald Helmer (Jan. 30 - Feb. 4)
Nic Novicki Nils Krogstad (Jan. 24 - 28)
Honora Fergusson Neumann Kristine Linde
Ricardo Gil Dr. Rank
Margaret Lancaster Helene
Hannah Kritzeck Emmy Helmer
Elizabeth Girardeau Ivar Helmar
Sophie Birkedlalen Bob Helmer
Eilert Sundt Bob Helmer
Eamonn Farrell Cameo
Jessica Weinstein Stilt Performer

Creative Team

Lee Breuer Conceived by
Lee Breuer Director
Lee Breuer Adapter
Maudie Mitchell Adapter
Eve Beglarian Original Music and Collage of Edvard Grieg's Piano Works
Narelle Sissions Set Designer
Mary Louise Geigar Costume Designer
Jane Catherine Shaw Puppet Design
Edward Costa Sound Designer
Eamonn Farrell Choreographer
Erik Liberman Additional Choreography
Honora Fergusson Neumann Puppeteer
Meganne George Puppeteer
Ilia Dodd Loomis Puppeteer
Eamonn Farrell Puppeteer
Margaret Lancaster Puppeteer
Jessica Weinstein Puppeteer
Kari Casselius Assistant Costume Designer


Chrisina Valdes Piano Accompaniment (Jan. 24 - 31)
Ning Yu Piano Accompaniment (Feb. 1 - 4)
Mary Rodriguez Snare Drum
Lauren Skuce Soprano
Peter Stewart Baritone


Sharon Levy Producer
Stacy Waring Stage Manager
Randy Crabb Technical Director
Christine Parker Assistant Technical Director
Aaron Sporer Lighting Supervisor
Meganne George Wardrobe Supervisor
Rick Hayworth Sound Supervisor
Eamonn Farrell Assistant Stage Manager