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The Shipment ()

Produced by

Young Jean Lee’s Theater Company

Presented by

World Stage

Playwright: Young Jean Lee
Director: Young Jean Lee


Harbourfront Centre Theatre


May 9th, 2012 – May 12th, 2012


Young Jean Lee, a rising star of American theatre, dissects what it means to be black in America in this hilarious and shocking play. Brazenly theatrical and transcendentally lyrical, THE SHIPMENT moves from the urban dreams of would-be rappers to the sitcom realism of yuppie domesticity, proving that nothing is ever as it seems. With an ending guaranteed to leave jaws hanging, this is contemporary theatre at its biggest, boldest and most daring. (


Jordan Barbour Rapper Omar / Singer 3 / Michael
Mikeah Ernest Jennings Dancer 2 / Sidekick Michael / Crackhead John / Bad Copy 2 / Sashay, Omar
Prentice Onayemi Dancer 1 / Drug Dealer Desmon / Bill the Record Company Executive / Singer 2
Douglas Scott Streater Standup Guy / Grandpa Joe / Paul the Extreme / Bad Cop 1 / Thomas
Amelia Workman Mama / Drug Dealer Mama / Video Ho / Grandma from Heaven / Thomasina / Singer 1

Creative Team

Young Jean Lee Playwright
Young Jean Lee Director
David Evans Morris Scenic Designer
Roxana Ramseur Costume Designer
Mark Barton Lighting Designer
Matthew Tierney Sound Designer
Faye Driscoll Choreographer
Raquel Davis Associate Lighting Designer


Caleb Hammons Producer
Sunny Stapleton Stage Manager


Brian Aitken Production Manager
Sam Shaw Technical Director
Alex Maitland Stage Carpenter
Patrick Hales Head Electrician
Kai Masaoka Audio Engineer
Colleen Pilger Stage Crew
John Paul Langeloh Scene Change Specialist
Grant Primeau Scene Change Specialist