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Questo Buio Feroce (The Wild Darkness) ()

Produced by

Compagnia Pippo Delbono

Presented by

World Stage

Creator: Pippo Delbono
Director: Pippo Delbono


The Fleck Dance Theatre


January 26th, 2011 – January 29th, 2011


Italian director Pippo Delbono pushes life to the edge in a joyful, cinematic and courageous theatrical portrait, inspired by a collection of essays by Harold Brodkey, an American novelist who died of AIDS. With a cast that includes former street peddlars and those with physical or mental handicaps (one of whom he saved from an asylum), Delbono’s work carries an authentic edge and realness. (


Jeffrey Simlett Performer
Grazia Spinella Performer
Gianluca Ballare Performer
Raffaella Banchelli Performer
Bobo Performer
Pippo Delbono Performer
Lucia Della Ferrera Performer
Ilaria Distante Performer
Gustavo Giacosa Performer
Simone Goggiano Performer
Mario Intruglio Performer
Julia Morawietz Performer
Gianni Parenti Performer
Pepe Robledo Performer

Creative Team

Pippo Delbono Creator
Pippo Delbono Director
Claude Santerre Set Designer
Robert John Resteghini Lighting Designer
Elena Giampaoli Wardrobe Head
Angelo Colonna Sound Designer


Fabio Sajiz Technical Manager
Mattia Manna Chief Machinist
Gianluca Bolla Machinist
Orlando Bolognesi Lighting Board Operator
Alessandra Vinanti Production Manager
Alessandra Vinanti Tour Manager
Silvia Cassanelli Production Manager
Silvia Cassanelli Tour Manager


Brian Aitken Production Manager
Sam Shaw Technical Director
Allan Day Head Electrician
Phil Clemo Audio Engineer
Duncan Morgan Stage Carpenter
Alex Maitland Crew
Tim Davidson Crew
Colleen Pilger Crew
Alida Keenleyside Crew