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Untitled Feminist Show ()

Produced by

Young Jean Lee’s Theater Company

Presented by

World Stage

Creator: Young Jean Lee
Director: Young Jean Lee


The Fleck Dance Theatre


February 12th, 2014 – February 15th, 2014


In UNTITLED FEMINIST SHOW, six charismatic stars of the downtown theater, dance, cabaret, and burlesque worlds come together to invite the audience on an exhilaratingly irreverent, nearly-wordless celebration of a fluid and limitless sense of identity. (Show program)


Becca Blackwell Performer
Amelia Zirin-Brown Performer
Katy Pyle Performer
Jen Rosenblit Performer
Madison Krekel Performer
Desiree Burch Performer

Creative Team

Young Jean Lee Creator
Young Jean Lee Director
David Evans Morris Scenic Designer
Chris Giarmo Sound Designer
Jamie McElhinney Sound Designer
Leah Gelpe Projection Designer
Mike Farry Dramaturge
Ryan Seeling Associate Lighting Designer
Bart Cortright Associate Video Designer
Kate Foster Assistant Set Designer
Emilyn Kowaleski Associate Director
Feye Driscoll Collaborator
Morgan Gould Collaborator
Becca Blackwell Original Cast
World Famous *BOB* Original Cast
Amelia Zirin-Brown Original Cast
Hilary Clark Original Cast
Katy Pyle Original Cast
Regina Rocke Original Cast


Aaron Rosenblum Producer
Sunny Stapleton Production Supervisor
Jimin Brelsford Sound and Video Technician
Matthew Kagen Associate Producer


Brian Aitken Production Manager
Sam Shaw Technical Director
Allan Day Head Electrician
Pieter Bruelemans Stage Carpenter
Phil Clemo Audio Engineer