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Billy Twinkle: Requiem for a Golden Boy ()

Produced by

Factory Theatre and Rink-A-Dink Inc. and Ronnie Burkett Theatre of Marionettes

Creator: Ronnie Burkett
Performer: Ronnie Burkett


Factory Mainspace Theatre


September 24 - 27, 2010


September 28th, 2010 – October 24th, 2010


Ronnie Burkett Performer
Gemma James-Smith Voiceover
Frank Meschkuleit Voiceover

Creative Team

Ronnie Burkett Creator
Ronnie Burkett Marionette Designer
Ronnie Burkett Costume Designer
Ronnie Burkett Set Designer
John Alcorn Music
John Alcorn Lyrics
Kevin Humphrey Lighting Designer
Terri Gillis Artistic Associate
Iris Turcott Dramaturge
Ronnie Burkett Lyrics for "Word of Jesus Christ"
John Alcorn Music Arrangements
John Alcorn Recording Production
John MacLeod Orchestrations and Arrangements for "Opening Theme", "Pearl Necklace", "Raisinette", and "Closing Theme"


John MacLeod Conductor
John MacLeod Piano / Kazoo
Terry Clarke Drums
Bob DeAngelis Baritone Saxophone / Clarinet
Moshe Hammer Violin
John Johnson Alto Saxophone / Piccolo
Alastair Kay Trombone
Jason Logue Trumpet
John MacLeod Trumpet
Colin Murray Bass Trombone
Reg Schwager Electric and Nylon Guitars
Don Thompson Piano / Vibraphone
Steve Wallace Bass
Perry White Tenor Saxophone / Flute / Recorder
Coco Love Alcorn Singer
John Alcorn Singer


Terri Gillis Production Manager
Shanna Miller Technical Director
Lesley Humphrey Stage Manager
John Lambert Associate Producer
Claire Chouinard Tour Administrator
Ronnie Burkett Marionette Builder
Dina Meschkuleit Head Puppet Builder
Angela Talbot Miniature Marionette Builder
Erik Schaper Additional Character Sculpture
Gemma James-Smith Puppet Builder
Robin Fisher Puppet Builder
Ken MacKenzie Puppet Builder
Kim Crossley Costume Builder
Gina Schellenberg Costume Assistant
Anna Baines Costume Assistant
Mark Keetch Puppet Animations
Luman Coad Controls and Stringing
Les Myhr Head Scenic Carpenter
Peter Locock Assistant Head Scenic Carpenter
Chris Hayes Scenic Carpenter
Kelly Menard Scenic Carpenter
Michelle Dias Head Scenic Artist
Nicole Piotrkowski Assistant Head Scenic Artist
Jeff Wolpert Sound Recording and Mixing
John Alcorn Sound Programming and Additional Recording
David Fisher Load In Crew
Dan McIlmoyl Carpentry Crew
Doug Morum Carpentry Crew
Matt Peter Carpentry Crew
David Fisher Lighting Crew
Lisa Fox Lighting Crew
Dan Gallo Lighting Crew
Jason Golinsky Lighting Crew
Verne Good Lighting Crew
Shawn Henry Lighting Crew
Matthew Pochwalowski Lighting Crew
Verne Good Sound Crew
Joey Morin House Technician
Shawn Henry House Technician


Aaron Kelly Factory Theatre Production Manager
Jamie Monteiro Mainspace Technical Director