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The Gay Heritage Project ()

Produced by

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Developed by

The GHP Collective

Creators: Damien Atkins and Paul Dunn and Andrew Kushnir
Director: Ashlie Corcoran


The Alexander Street Chamber Theatre


January 6th, 2016 – January 31st, 2016


Three of our country’s most gifted creator/performers set out to answer one question: is there such a thing as a gay heritage? In their search, they uncover a rich history not often shared and shine new light on contemporary gay culture. The result is a hilarious and moving homage to the people who came before us and the events that continue to shape our lives. (


Damien Atkins Performer
Paul Dunn Performer
Andrew Kushnir Performer

Creative Team

Damien Atkins Creator
Paul Dunn Creator
Andrew Kushnir Creator
Ashlie Corcoran Director
Kimberly Purtell Set Designer
Kimberly Purtell Lighting Designer
Cameron Davis Video Designer
Thomas Ryder Payne Sound Designer
Oz Weaver Associate Lighting Designer
Andrew Kushnir Choral Medley & Arrangements


Kristopher Weber Stage Manager
Paula Burrows Crew
Jacqueline Costa Crew
Luke Dobson Crew
Kyle Fair Crew
Verne Good Crew
Shane MacKinnon Crew
Eric Read Crew


Charissa Wilcox Head of Production
Adrien Whan Technical Director
Suzie Balogh Chamber Technician