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The Book of Judith ()

Produced by

Absit Omen Theatre and Die In Debt Theatre and The Theatre Centre

Playwrights: Michael Rubenfeld and Sarah Garton Stanley
Director: Sarah Garton Stanley


The Great Hall – Longboat Hall


May 19th, 2009 – May 31st, 2009


The Book of Judith  is a musical play about a man driven to change the lives of others without first changing his own. (


Michael Rubenfeld Performer

Creative Team

Michael Rubenfeld Playwright
Sarah Garton Stanley Playwright
Sarah Garton Stanley Director
Andrew Penner Composer
Michael Rubenfeld Librettist
Andrew Penner Librettist
Alex Bulmer Choir Leader
Nick Carpenter Musical Director
Andrea Lundy Lighting Designer
Beth Kates Costume Designer


Gwyneth Baillie Choir
Erin Brandenburg Choir
Maek Brose Choir
Wanda Fitzgerald Choir
Geoff Gilmour-Taylor Choir
Frank Hull Choir
Irena Kagansky Choir
Emily Scheer Choir
Kazumi Tsuruoka Choir
Liana DiMarco Choir
Steve Schwabl Choir


Andrea Lundy Production Manager
Lindy Zucker Assistant Production Manager
Tanya Greve Stage Manager
Scott Seetoo Assistant Stage Manager
Cameron Davis Sound and Light Technician
Stéphane Monnet Graphic Designer
Giselle Pantazis Graphic Design Assistant
Eric Warner Publicist
Scott Bradshaw Front of House Manager
Christine Buckell Box Office Manager
J. Louis Berenguer Setup Crew
Lance Berenguer Setup Crew
Allan Day Setup Crew
Verne Good Setup Crew
Darren Keay Setup Crew
Matthew Pochwalowski Setup Crew