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Ross Manson

Artistic Director, Creator, Director, Dramaturge, Founder, Graphic Designer, Producer, Set Designer, Video Designer


The Book of Life () Co-Creator
Century Song () Co-Creator
Century Song () Co-Creator


The Four Horsemen Project () Conceiver


The Book of Life () Director
Century Song () Director
Infinity () Director
Century Song () Director
Infinity () Director
The Four Horsemen Project () Director
A Beautiful View () Director
A Synonym for Love () Stage Director
The Golden Dragon () Director
Another Africa - Shine Your Eye () Director
The Africa Trilogy - Shine Your Eye () Director
Goodness () Director
Letters From Lehrer () Director


The Four Horsemen Project () Dramaturge
Another Africa - Shine Your Eye () Dramaturge for introduction
Another Africa - Peggy Pickit Sees the Face of God () Dramaturge for the Introduction
White Rabbit, Red Rabbit () Dramaturge

Graphic Designer

Appetite () Graphic Designer


Appetite () Producer
The Silencing of Rachel Corrie () Producer

Scenic Designer

A Beautiful View () Scenic Designer

Video Designer

Letters From Lehrer () Video Designer


Wrecking Ball Founder
Volcano Theatre Artistic Director