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A Synonym for Love ()

Produced by

Classical Music Consort and Volcano Theatre

Composer: George Frideric Handel
Librettist: Deborah Pearson
Director: Ross Manson


The Gladstone Hotel


August 20th, 2012 – August 31st, 2012


Three guests are staying at the historic Gladstone Hotel in Toronto – one of the most beautiful boutique hotels in the city. A woman is at the bar ordering drinks. A man is waiting at a table for her to return. She looks at him, and sings of her love. Another woman – who has just checked in, and who also happens to be the first woman’s lover – enters. She sees the couple, and, enraged, storms out, and up to her room.

This is the beginning of our love triangle. In our version, the two sopranos remain women – one is gay, one is bisexual. The man is straight, and feeling threatened. Everyone is at the same hotel. They all sing like angels. (


Emily Atkinson Soprano
Scott Belluz Countertenor
Tracy Smith Bessette Soprano
Marjorie Chan Guide
Jasmine Chen Guide
Derek Kwan Guide

Creative Team

George Frideric Handel Composer
Deborah Pearson Librettist
Ross Manson Stage Director
Ashiq Aziz Music Director
Julie Fox Designer
Marjorie Chan Assistant Director
Laury Leite Assistant Director
Joanna Yu Co-Costume Designer
Anahita Dehbonehie Assistant Designer
Doug Morum Lighting Designer


Ashiq Aziz Orchestra Conductor
Paul Zevenhuizen Violin I - Leader
Sarah Titterington Ibbett Violin I
John Corban Violin II
Marcin Swoboda Violin II
Elizabeth Loewen Andrews Viola
Mary Ann Shore Oboe / Recorder
Graham St. Laurent Oboe / Recorder
Mary-Katherine Finch Cello
Mateusz Swoboda Cello
Anthony Bacon Cello
Joelle Morton Double Bass
Lucas Harris Archlute
Sara Anne Churchill Harpsichord


Kai-Yueh Chen Stage Manager
Doug Morum Technical Director
Doug Morum Production Manager
Erin Birkenbergs Assistant Production Manager
Sara Anne Churchill Repetiteuse
Kate Fraser Wardrobe Manager
Michael Laird Sound Engineer
Frank Lockwood Recording Engineer
John Lauener Photography
Meredith Potter Producer for Volcano
Meaghan Davis Associate Producer
Ginger Scott Metcalf Foundation Intern
Peter Eaton Technical Assistant