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A Lesson In Gabby ()

Produced by

Mark My Words-Ink

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Labe Kagan
Director: Jacqui Burke


Tarragon Theatre – Extra Space


July 2nd, 2015 – July 12th, 2015


Real estate agent and amateur actor Melville, wants his best friend Groucho,a writer of offensive comedies,to quit pining over his ex-wife,to move on and to buy a condo. Groucho wants Melville to play a fat bird, jumping from perch to perch, in a new YouTube creation. After Groucho attends an Angel conference, all Hell breaks loose. (


James Robert Woods Groucho
Stephen Flett Melville
Lauren Piech Voice of Jazz33

Creative Team

Labe Kagan Playwright
Jacqui Burke Director
Amy Silver Composer


Andrea Wicken Stage Manager
Gene Fowler Poster Design
David Gale Bra on the Bird Idea for Poster
Matthew Hyslop Sound Tech Prep


Nick Rose Venue Technician
Kevin Hutson Venue Technician
Kevin Hutson Festival Lighting Designer