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The Good Story ()

Produced by

Beautiful Obedient Productions

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Playwright: Alexa Gilker
Director: Sandi Barrett


The Theatre Centre – Franco Boni Theatre


August 7th, 2014 – August 17th, 2014


When playwright Alexa Gilker travelled to India to volunteer at an orphanage, she met a young Indian caretaker who mysteriously disappeared upon Alexa’s next visit. The horrific consequences of the playwright’s “aid” prompted The Good Story to be written. In The Good Story, the caretaker and other women have a chance to speak up about what really happened, while challenging Alexa’s belief that God himself had sent her to help. Along the way, The Good Story explores how our good intentions don’t always equal goodness, and asks the question: is it possible that heaven has abandoned us?  (


Pippa Leslie Alex
Diana Luong Paris
Dana Deoraj Sarita
Sehar Bhojani Rajini
Thalia Kane Paola

Creative Team

Alexa Gilker Playwright
Sandi Barrett Director
Kendra Terpenning Set Designer
Kendra Terpenning Costume Designer
Blake Enemark Original Music
David Wright Additional Sound


Alexa Gilker Producer
Sandi Barrett Producer
Sean Miller Stage Manager


Nick Rose Venue Technician
Tim Lindsay Venue Technician
Shanna Miller Venue Technician
Michelle Ramsay Festival Lighting Designer