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Peter and the Wolf ()

Produced by

Theatre Rusticle

Creator: Allyson McMackon
Director: Allyson McMackon


The Great Hall – Longboat Hall


September 5th, 2011


September 5th, 2011 – September 11th, 2011


Set on the eve of Peter’s death, a wolf comes to visit one last time. Over the course of the night and through flashbacks and memory, Peter and the Wolf trace the lives they have lived from the day of their births, to the day they met and Peter let the Wolf go rather than take him to the hell of the zoo. The play looks at the final moments of one’s life while celebrating the fullness of each heartbeat. It draws a parallel between a man and a regal animal, illuminating lives that are not so different, the struggle to grow and change in the face of rigid society and the harshness of life. (


William Yong The Wolf
David Smukler Elder Peter / Grandfather
Wesley Connor The Cat
Hume Baugh Commander / Thug / Hunter
Matthew Romantini Young Peter
Viv Moore The Duck
Lucy Rupert A Wolf / The Bird
Jamie Ebbs A Wolf / Bird / Skater / Hunter / Bear
Susannah Mackay A Wolf / Skater / Hunter / Lion
Liam Hanebury Skater / Hunter / Giraffe

Creative Team

Allyson McMackon Conception
Allyson McMackon Director
Lindsay Anne Black Set Designer
Lindsay Anne Black Costume Designer
Michelle Ramsay Lighting Designer
Patric Caird Original Music
Rick Robinson Prokofiev Arrangement
Katy Murphy Assistant Artistic Director


Ed Reifel Percussion
Mike Fedyshyn Trumpet
David Pell Trombone
Fraser Jackson Bassoon
Shelley Brown Flute
Bethany Bergman Violin
Joseph Phillips Contrabass


Sandra Henderson Stage Manager
Renna Reddie Associate Producer
Sue Murphy Costume Support
Wes Tyrell Poster Design
Heather Richards Technical Crew
Erin Birkenbergs Technical Crew
Nick Rose Technical Crew
Peter Eaton Technical Crew
Amanda White Technical Crew


Mason Coulter Theatre Centre Technical Director