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photo by Tanja Tiziana

Allyson McMackon

Artistic Director, Creator, Director, Fundraising, Mentor, Movement Coach


The Stronger Variations () Conceived by
Dinner at Seven-Thirty () Conception
Peter and the Wolf () Conception
Birnam Wood () Conception
The Stronger Variations () Conception


The Tempest () Director
Our Town () Director
The Stronger Variations () Director
Dinner at Seven-Thirty () Director
Peter and the Wolf () Director
Birnam Wood () Director
Trudeau Stories () Director
Trudeau Stories () Director
The Stronger Variations () Director


The Light That Stands Still () Grant Writer


Little Fires () Original Artistic Mentoring ("The Animals are Planning Intervention")

Movement Coach

Farther West () Movement Coach
If We Were Birds () Movement Coach
Them & Us () Movement Consultant


Theatre Rusticle Artistic Director