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The Light That Stands Still ()

Produced by

Shadowland Theatre

Playwrights: Sarah Hood and Anne Barber and Brad Harley
Director: Anne Barber


Toronto Island


July 17th, 2008 – July 27th, 2008


Shadowland celebrated the 200th anniversary of the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse, the grand old lady of the Great Lakes. Located on Toronto Island, her story is one of light and dark, rescued and lost, sirens and spirits. She is the oldest stone building in Toronto, the oldest lighthouse on the Great Lakes, and is still haunted after all these years. (


Merle Harley Lady Light
Bie Engelen Fox
Christopher Pinheiro Raccoon
Rick Simon Fric
Nathan Lister Frac
David Langlois Adam / John Paul Radelmüller / Parade of Animals
Lorraine Pelletier Lucy / Magdalena Radelmüller / Wall / Woodward / Parade of Animals
Dennis Lieu Turtle / Young Man / York Citizen / US Soldier / Edison / Sputnik / Parade of Animals
Bronwyn Clement Young Woman / York Citizen / WWII Mother / Parade of Animals
Daniel Gardiner Drowned Sailor / British Regular / Movie Announcer / Radio Announcer / Parade of Animals
Brad Harley Town Crier
Theo Harley Fric Fist / Lighthouse Builder / Militia / Wall / Charlie Chaplin
James Webster Frac Fist / Lighthouse Builder / Militia / Wall / Keystone Cop
Peggy Sleegers Animal / Widow / US Soldier / Professor / Parade of Animals
Zeke Rothfels Sister / British Soldier / Wall / Parade of Animals
Lilly Flawn Child / Orphan / Parade of Animals
Zoe Camille Kime Child / Orphan / WWII Child / Parade of Animals
Willa Milchem Bourne Child / Orphan / Parade of Animals
Matthew Smith-Wilson US Soldier / Puppeteer / Parade of Animals
Jerry Englar George Durnan
Mariah Millen Parade of Animals
Celeste Webber Parade of Animals
Noah Oliver Parade of Animals
Illan Rodriguez-Marin Freudmann Parade of Animals
Charlotte Mittelstaedt Parade of Animals
Jaimie Roerick Parade of Animals
Madalyn Roerick Parade of Animals
Isabelle Harris Parade of Animals
Sophia Zambonelli Parade of Animals
Wende Bartley Voice in Whale Composition
Deborah Brodey Voice in Whale Composition

Creative Team

Sarah Hood Playwright
Anne Barber Playwright
Brad Harley Playwright
Anne Barber Director
Brad Harley Designer
Melanie McNeill Costume Designer
Jim Bish Musical Director
Wende Bartley Whale Sound Composition
Andy Moro Lighting Designer
Sarah Hood Beacon Song Lyrics
John Hood Beacon Song Music
Whitney Smith Steer to the Light Music
Whitney Smith Steer to the Light Lyrics
Helen Brown Soundscapes


Jim Bish Musician
Bernardo Padrón Musician
Brad Harley Musician
Alice Norton Musician
Chris Wilson Musician (July 27th)


Kelly Kirkpatrick Stage Manager
Leida Englar Production Manager
Luke Langsdale Technical Director
Allyson McMackon Grant Writer
Josee Duranleau Publicist
Brad Harley Graphics
Rick Simon Program Design
Baye Hunter Web Site Designer
Gera Dillon Photo Documentation
Chris Wilson Musical Coordinator
Lolly Smith Stilt Trainer
Alice Norton Make Up