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The Tempest ()

Produced by

Theatre Rusticle

Playwright: William Shakespeare
Director: Allyson McMackon


The Alexander Street Chamber Theatre


January 18th, 2024 – January 28th, 2024


Shakespeare meets Theatre Rusticle’s physical poetry once again in The Tempest. Their inimitable style cracks open the bard’s final play, unearthing a story about freedom, love and paths to truth. Told by five performers traversing 15 plus characters, Theatre Rusticle collides head-on with Shakespearean myth, magic, harsh history, and all the ways we make theatre. (


Brefny Caribou Performer
Jill Goranson Performer
Beck Lloyd Performer
Trinity Lloyd Performer
Annie Tuma Performer

Creative Team

William Shakespeare Playwright
Allyson McMackon Director
Jill Goranson Composer
Kelsi James Composer
Lindsay Anne Black Hat Designer
Monica Viani Millinery
Brandon Kleiman Costume Designer
Madeline Ius Assistant Costume Designer
Michelle Ramsay Lighting Designer
Katrina Kosa Assistant Lighting Designer


Sarah O’Brien Stage Manager
Marco DeLuca Production Assistant
Amber Pattison Head Technician
Darren Shaen Crew
Kit Norman Crew
Van Ward Crew
Matt Armour Crew
El Patey Crew
Brawk Hessel Crew