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Maracatu You! ()

Produced by

Tickahdeeboo Productions

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Creator: Suzanne Roberts Smith
Director: Suzanne Roberts Smith

Co-created by the Ensemble


The Theatre Centre – Franco Boni Theatre


August 9th, 2014 – August 17th, 2014


From the streets to the stage and back again. From the Northeast of Brazil to Queen St. West in Toronto. From outsider to insider. From folklore to future. From slave nation, to coronation, to liberation!

Led by Juno-nominated singer-songwriter Aline Morales and created by critically acclaimed actor Suzanne Roberts Smith (NOW’s 2013 Fringe Outstanding Performance & Production, Offensive to Some), this multi-disciplinary piece showcases the sounds of Maracatu and illuminates the integrity of its musical migration journey by honouring both its Afro-Brazilian roots and the contemporary narratives of the people playing it in Toronto today. MARACATU YOU! is an investigation in displacement, replacement, and finding ‘home’ in the most unlikely of places. As Maracatu reincarnates in our own streets, its essence remains to uplift, transform and unite. It is a celebration in the face of oppression.  (


Aline Morales Performer
Suzanne Roberts Smith Performer
Lani Milstein Performer
Amanda Paixao Performer
Mari Palhares Performer
Ana Maria Higuera Tirado Performer
Simin Seury Performer
Raja Shankar Performer
Gina Minugh Performer
Martha Rangel Performer
Maria Helena Carvalho Performer
Erica Pẽna Performer
Abby Browne Performer
Lucia de Xango Performer
Becky Sora Performer
Lyba Spring Performer
Ed Ford Performer
Linda Brown Performer

Creative Team

Suzanne Roberts Smith Creator
Suzanne Roberts Smith Director
Aline Morales Musical Director
Mari Palhares Assistant Musical Director
Amanda Paixao Choreographer
Michelle Ramsay Lighting Designer
Juliana Nogueira Translator
Hanae Baruchel Translator
Steve Webster "Rise Up" Writer
Lauri Conger "Rise Up" Writer
Lynne Fernie "Rise Up" Writer
Lorraine Segato "Rise Up" Writer
Billy Bryans "Rise Up" Writer
David Arcus Additional Musical Arrangements
Suzanne Roberts Smith Additional Musical Arrangements
Lani Milstein Additional Music Arrangments
Jabu Morales Poema


Jennifer Lee Stage Manager
Suzanne Roberts Smith Producer
Lani Milstein Creative & Production Consultant
Ana Maria Higuera Tirado Creative Consultant
Lani Milstein Vocal Coach
Alejandra Higuera Photographer
Francisco Mejia Graphic Designer
Alex Bordokas Historical blogs & Maracatu Consultant
Lucia de Xango Candomble Representative & Consultant
Angelica Reyes Fraga Orixá Artwork


Nick Rose Venue Technician
Tim Lindsay Venue Technician
Shanna Miller Venue Technician
Michelle Ramsay Festival Lighting Designer