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The Penelopiad ()

Produced by

Nightwood Theatre

Playwright: Margaret Atwood
Director: Kelly Thornton


The Alexander Street Chamber Theatre


January 10th, 2012 – January 29th, 2012


“Now that I’m dead, I know everything.” So begins The Penelopiad, Margaret Atwood’s daring response to Homer’s The Odyssey. Destined to spend eternity in Hades, Penelope recounts her life’s story and the murder of her twelve handmaidens by her vengeful husband Odysseus. Atwood’s acerbic wit brings one of history’s most powerful myths to the contemporary imagination. A provocative new look at a woman’s longing, lust and culpability. (


Maev Beaty Laertes / Maid
Christine Brubaker Icarius / Maid
Raven Dauda Antinous / Maid
Sarah Dodd Anticleia / Maid
Monica Dottor Oracle / Maid
Megan Follows Penelope
Kelli Fox Odysseus / Maid
Cara Gee Melantho / Maid
Patricia Hamilton Eurycleia / Maid
Tara Rosling Naiad / Maid
Pamela Mala Sinha Helen / Maid
Sophia Walker Menalaus / Maid
Bahia Watson Telemachus / Maid

Creative Team

Margaret Atwood Playwright
Kelly Thornton Director
Denyse Karn Set Designer
Denyse Karn Costume Designer
Kimberly Purtell Lighting Designer
Suba Sankaran Composer
Suba Sankaran Sound Designer
Suba Sankaran Musical Director
Monica Dottor Choreographer
Audrey Dwyer Assistant Director
Allie Marshall Intern Designer / Dresser
Erin McCleary Assistant Designer
Tanisha Taitt Assistant Lighting Designer


Marinda de Beer Stage Manager
Sandra Henderson Production Manager
Erin McCleary Cutter / Seamstress
Christine Brubaker Voice Captain
Ashley Westlake Apprentice Stage Manager
Heather English Cutter / Seamstress
Eric Meadows Sound Consultant
Katherine Smith Carpenter


Katherine Smith Chamber Technician