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A Crooked Man ()

Produced by

Alianak Theatre Productions

Playwright: Richard Kalinoski
Director: Hrant Alianak


The Great Hall – Longboat Hall


February 20th, 2008 – March 2nd, 2008


Throughout his life, the 88-year-old Hagop, now living in the United States, has been tormented by nightmares stemming from the horrors he witnessed as a child during the Armenian genocide, including his family’s murder. His nightmares extend to his own act of defiance when, as a young man in Germany, he assassinated the Turkish governor responsible for perpetrating the massacres in his village. When his reporter grandson interviews him for what is to be an innocuous magazine article, the old man finally begins to confront his demons and reveals not only the awful details of his past, but, for the very first time ever, a terrible secret that has consumed his whole life.
Inspired by a true story, A Crooked Man offers no easy answers to the issues of guilt and innocence, murderer or hero. Sprinkled with a familiar relational humour as the old man’s stubbornness meets the naivety of his grandson and the worry of his daughter, A Crooked Man touches the heart with its mirror on an anguished soul. (


Hrant Alianak Hagop Hagopian
Araxi Arslanian Anahid / Mrs. Reinheardt / Turkish Woman / Blind Woman
Garen Boyajian Alex (Alexan)
Carlo Essagian Dr. Schmidt / Young Hagop / Defense Attorney
Michael Kazarian Mehmet Pasha / Judge Prosecuting Attorney

Creative Team

Richard Kalinoski Playwright
Hrant Alianak Director
Stephan Droege Set Designer
Stephan Droege Lighting Designer
Anne Dixon Costume Designer
Terry Crack Sound Designer
Joe Mancuso Sound Designer
David Hoekstra Prop Designer


Sharon DiGenova Stage Manager
Ian Morton Technician
Marlene Aarons Make-up Consultant
Sara Peel Crew
Adrien Whan Crew
Andrew McTaggart Crew
Katherine Smith Crew
Dianne Weinrib Publicity
Savi Pannu Publicity
Ed Gass-Donnelly Layout & Design
Hrant Alianak Producer
Kaloust Babian Co-Producer
Sharon Weeden Distribtion