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An Exercise in Futility: A Nihilistic Tale ()

Produced by

Absit Omen Theatre

Presented by

The Rhubarb Festival

Playwright: Michael Rubenfeld
Director: Michael Rubenfeld
Creator: Michael Rubenfeld


The Alexander Street Cabaret Space


February 18th, 2008 – February 22nd, 2009


┬áThe cutting-edge Michael Rubenfeld presents a two-character piece in which he says Edwige Jean-Pierre and Anand Rajaram “share with you a whole bunch of bulls— in an attempt at reality.” (

If nothing makes sense or seems to really matter, is anything actually happening? Join A and B as they share with you a whole bunch of bullshit in an attempt at reality. (


Anand Rajaram Performer
Edwige Jean-Pierre Performer
Allison Cummings Dancer

Creative Team

Michael Rubenfeld Playwright
Michael Rubenfeld Director
Michael Rubenfeld Creator
Anand Rajaram Creator
Edwige Jean-Pierre Creator
Tom Howell Creator
Allison Cummings Creator
Allison Cummings Choreographer
Tom Howell Composer


Tom Howell Musician


Sharon DiGenova Stage Manager


Charissa Wilcox Head of Production
Adrien Whan Technical Director
Katherine Smith Technician