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The Boys in the Band ()

Produced by

Ghost Light Projects

Playwright: Mart Crowley
Director: Randie Parliament


The Alexander Street Cabaret Space


March 1st, 2011 – March 6th, 2011


It’s Harold’s birthday, and his closest friends are throwing him a party at Michael’s apartment. Among Harold’s presents is “Cowboy”, an attractive male prostitute, since Harold may have trouble finding a cute young man on his own now that he’s getting older. As the party progresses the self-deprecating humor of the group takes a nasty turn as the men become drunker. The play is climaxed by a cruel telephone “game” where each man must call someone and tell him (or her?) of his love for them. (


Matthew Romantini Michael
Andy Ingram Donald
Jonathan Morton-Schuster Emory
Indrit Kasapi Larry
John Bryans Hank
Tawiah Ben M’carthy Bernard
Jordan Mechano Alan
Antonio Olivito The Coyboy
Cole Alvis Harold

Creative Team

Mart Crowley Playwright
Randie Parliament Director
Mike Delamont Fight Choreographer


Gillian Reiss Stage Manager
Andy Ingram Fight Captain
Matthew Romantini Dance Captain


Jazz Kamal Venue Technician