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Songs for a New World ()

Produced by

Angelwalk Theatre

Music: Jason Robert Brown
Lyrics: Jason Robert Brown
Director: Andrew Lamb


Meridian Arts Centre – Greenwin Theatre


March 30th, 2011 – April 23rd, 2011


It’s about one moment. It’s about hitting the wall and having to make a choice, or take a stand, or turn around and go back. Travel from the deck of a 1492 Spanish sailing ship to a ledge 57 stories above Fifth Avenue to meet a startling array of characters from a young man who has determined that basketball is his ticket out of the ghetto to a woman whose dream of marrying rich nabs her the man of her dreams and a soulless marriage. (


Erica Peck Woman 1
Denise Oucharek Woman 2
Stewart Adam McKensy Man 1
Justin Bott Man 2

Creative Team

Jason Robert Brown Music
Jason Robert Brown Lyrics
Andrew Lamb Director
Brian Besterman Original Orchestrations
Jason Robert Brown Original Orchestrations
Anthony Bastianon Musical Director
Lindsay Anne Black Set Designer
Sandra Henderson Lighting Designer
Alex Amini Costume Designer
Carmen Amini Assistant Costume Designer
Annie Graham Assistant Director


Anthony Bastianon Piano
Jeff Scott Keyboard
Shafton Thomas Bass
David MacDougall Drums


Isolde Pleasants-Faulkner Stage Manager
Jaime Tobon Production Assistant
Michelle Tracey Props Manager
Vincent Perri Props Manager
Amanda Childs Lighting Operator
Alanna McConnell Lighting Operator
Brodie St. Pierre Sound Operator
Zoë Carpenter Production Supervisor
Erika Rueter Publicist
Jonathan Shaboo Administrative Assistant
Stella Lee Marketing Coordinator
Elizabeth Man Graphic Designer
Matthew Byrne Production Manager
Kelly Peck Technical Director
James Plouffe PA Driver
Cheri-Anne Byrne Administration


Brian Goldenberg Artistic Producer
Kevin Horton Executive Producer