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The Scandelles - Who's Your Dada?

Who’s Your Dada? ()

Produced by

The Scandelles

Presented by

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Playwright: Alex Tigchelaar
Director: Catherine Nimmo


The Alexander Street Chamber Theatre


January 23rd, 2008 – February 9th, 2008


Burlesque mavens Sasha Van Bon Bon and Kitty Neptune use their inimitable style to skewer that most contrary of movements from the early 20th Century. Dancers in suitcases and story-telling plushies are just some of the “anti-art” craziness paying homage to the grandchildren of the radical anti-establishment movement.

The Scandelles take a satirical swing at art and sex by fusing burlesque, modern dance, live music, short film and porn to uncover beauty in ambiguous circumstances. It’s no accident that anti-art movements crop up during times of war, when we most crave turbulent revelry. Who’s Your Dada? brings you irreverent send-ups of the new striptease fitness craze, The Joy of Sex, cultural tourism, plastic surgery, fat-phobia and the huge belching machine that is the mainstream porn industry. Who’s Your Dada? offers a surrealist tribute to Daniel MacIvor, an army of Anne of Green Gables’ dancing to Yoko Ono, why fat suits are the new blackface, erotic vagrants and so very much more. (


Alex Tigchelaar Sasha Van Bon Bon / The Racoonteur
Catherine Nimmo Kitty Neptune / Madame Sansculottes
Jesse Dell Amuse Biche #1
Countess Christmasher The Dalai Lame
Araxi Arslanian Gala Dalicious
Jillian Camarta Amuse Biche #2
Andrya Duff Amuse Biche #3
Tina Fushell Amuse Biche #4
Kaleb Robertson Daddy K / Sansboules
Ange Beever Beever / Professor Boobenstein
Robin Woodward Trixie Easybake / Ceci Nestpasunefemme
Shawn Newman Peter Le Feu
David Mickle Le New Veau
Chad Logan Chad Logan
Shane MacKinnon Beau Dommage

Creative Team

Alex Tigchelaar Playwright
Catherine Nimmo Director
Catherine Nimmo Choreographer
Jesse Dell Choreographer
Aaron Pollard Video Art
Shawn Newman Choreographer
Daniele Guevara Set Designer
Adrien Whan Lighting Designer
Marnie Sohn Costumes
Brenda Mozel Costumes
Szilvia Szabadka Costume Assistant
Claire Warwick Costume Assistant
Alex Russel MacIvor Masks
Christopher Selvam Make-up


Countess Christmasher Musician


Alex Tigchelaar Producer
Catherine Nimmo Producer
Christopher Behnisch Video Production - Camera
Eric Gold Video Production - Editing
Scott Mclaren Video Production - Production Coordinator
Joel Pollock Props - Baby Stroller / Baby Bubble
Alex Russel Props - Baby Bubble
Robin Woodward Props - Plungers and Toilet Seats
Ange Beever Props - Plungers and Toilet Seats
Andrew McTaggart Carpenter
Lindsay Anne Black Scenic Painter
David Hawe Photographer
Jonathan Kitchen Graphic Designer


Charissa Wilcox Head of Production
Adrien Whan Technical Director
Aiden Nagle Technician