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The Princess & the Handmaiden ()

Produced by

Young People’s Theatre

Playwright: Leslie Arden
Composer: Leslie Arden
Director: Allen MacInnis


The Nathan Cohen Theatre


November 15th, 2009 – December 30th, 2009


Mean Girls meets the Brothers Grimm in this modern take on The Goose Girl fairy tale about a pampered princess and her hard-working handmaiden. As the two girls set off on a quest to save an ailing king in a far away land, the handmaiden plots to take the place of the princess. Once the two girls have switched positions in life, they find out how the other half lives and each discovers that the grass isn’t necessarily greener on the other side. Arden’s clever story touches on themes of loyalty and friendship – with a magic potion, a handsome but rather silent prince, and a chorus of singing sheep thrown in for good measure! (


Susan Henley Maggie / Chorus 1
Larry Mannell Bob / Chorus 3
George Masswohl Captain / Chorus 4
Sharron Matthews King / Narrator
Tracy Michailidis Handmaiden
Julain Molnar Waiting Maid 2 / Chorus 6
Andrew Stelmack Will / Chorus 2
Jonathan Tan Conrad
Regan Thiel Princess
Karen Wood Waiting Maid 1 / Queen / Chorus 5

Creative Team

Leslie Arden Playwright
Leslie Arden Composer
Allen MacInnis Director
Diane Leah Musical Director
Greg Diakun Orchestrations
Greg Diakun Copyist
Jane Johanson Choreographer
David Boechler Set Designer
Dana Osborne Costume Designer
Bonnie Beecher Lighting Designer
Michael Laird Sound Designer
Stephen Colella Dramaturge
Tanisha Taitt Directing Apprentice


Diane Leah Keyboard 1
Greg Diakun Keyboard 2
Jason Jestadt Keyboard 2 Substitute


Kate Porter Stage Manager
Kristin McCollum Assistant Stage Manager
Lindsay Woelfle Assistant Carpenter
Matt Jordan Assistant Carpenter
Matthew Marshall Assistant Carpenter
Mattea Kennedy Head Scenic Artist
Will Leskevich Scenic Artist
Katherine Lilley Props Builder
Ina Kerklaan Wardrobe Cutter
Barbara Nowakowski Wardrobe Senior Stitcher
Miranda Lumley Wardrobe Stitcher
Glenda Campbell Wardrobe Stitcher
Jay Barrigar Wardrobe Stitcher
Krista Nauman Wardrobe Craftsperson
Miranda Lumley Wardrobe Dresser
Dan McIlmoyl Crew
Shanna Miller Crew
Ian A. Bailie Crew
Matt Jordan Crew
Matthew Marshall Crew
Matthew Byrne Crew
Jason Salvatori Crew


Jeff Cummings Production Manager
Gavin Fearon Head of Audio
Kate Fenton Directing & Production Intern
Mary Fulford-Winsor Head of Wardrobe
Nathaniel Kennedy Technical Director
Scott Kitcher Stage Carpenter
Jacquie Lazar Head Electrician
Craig Smith Head Scenic Carpenter
Silvie Varone Head of Properties