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Krista Nauman

Properties Crew, Wardrobe Crew


Rock 'N' Roll () Cutter / Stitcher
Top Girls () Cutter
A Raisin in the Sun () Cutter
Ring Round the Moon () Cutter
The Real Inspector Hound + Black Comedy () Cutter

First Hand

Palace of the End () First Hand
Little Shop of Horrors () First Hand
The Elephant Man () First Hand
Letters From Lehrer () First Hand
A Number () First Hand
Homechild () First Hand

Props Builder

A Year With Frog and Toad () Props Builder


Parfumerie () Sewer
Blithe Spirit () Sewer
Mary Stuart () Sewer
John Gabriel Borkman () Sewer
The Threepenny Opera () Sewer
The Caretaker () Sewer
King Lear () Sewer


The Princess & the Handmaiden () Wardrobe Craftsperson