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Palace of the End ()

Produced by

Canadian Stage

Playwright: Judith Thompson
Director: David Storch


The Berkeley Street Theatre – Marilyn and Charles Baillie Theatre


January 14th, 2008 – February 23rd, 2008


Three lives. Three voices. Three perspectives on the war in Iraq: the plain-spoken, goofy, 23-year-old soldier imprisoned for torturing prisoners at Abu Ghraib; the brilliant microbiologist and weapons inspector who blew the whistle on the dossier justifying the invasion of Iraq; and a mother and political leader who suffered the greatest loss imaginable at the hands of Saddam Hussein. This raw and poetic new work by award-winning playwright Judith Thompson will challenge your beliefs while celebrating the music of the human voice and the depths of the human soul.  (


Maev Beaty An American Soldier
Julian Richings A British Microbiologist and Weapons Inspector
Arsinée Khanjian An Iraqi Mother

Creative Team

Judith Thompson Playwright
David Storch Director
Teresa Przybylski Set Designer
Teresa Przybylski Costume Designer
Kimberly Purtell Lighting Designer
John Gzowski Composer
John Gzowski Sound Designer


Marinda de Beer Stage Manager
Isabelle Ly Apprentice Stage Manager


Alistair Hepburn Director of Production
Chris Carlton Technical Director
Stephanie Ripley Assistant Technical Director
Roger West Operations Manager
Mary Spyrakis Head of Properties
William Sovie Senior Props Builder
Shelley Heebner Props Builder
Lokki Ma Metcalf Props Intern
Barbara E. Singer Head of Wardrobe
Jennifer Snowsill Wardrobe Buyer
Ina Kerklaan Cutter
Krista Nauman First Hand
Kate Day Assistant to the Head of Wardrobe
Eric Meadows Head Technician