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The Elephant Man ()

Produced by

Canadian Stage

Playwright: Bernard Pomerance
Director: Robin Phillips


Bluma Appel Theatre


October 8th, 2007 – November 3rd, 2007


This tender and powerful story of acceptance and respect during Victorian London is based on real-life events, The Elephant Man reveals that beauty truly lies in the eye, and soul, of the beholder. (


Geraint Wyn Davies Frederick Treves / Belgian Policeman
Jack Wetherall Carr Gomm / Conductor
Michael Spencer-Davis Ross / Bishop Walsham How / Snork
Brent Carver John Merrick
Barry MacGregor Pinhead Manager / London Policeman / Lord John
Michelle Fisk Pinhead / Miss Sandwich / Countess / Princess Alexandra
Kate Trotter Mrs. Kendal / Pinhead
David Kirby Orderly / Porter / Lord Knightly
Aaron Forward Orderly / Pinhead

Creative Team

Bernard Pomerance Playwright
Robin Phillips Director
Sue LePage Costume Designer
Louise Guinand Lighting Designer
Laura Burton Original Music
John Lott Sound Designer
Sherri Catt Assistant Set Designer
Mary Spyrakis Assistant Prop Designer


Emily Cooper Stage Manager
Isaac Thomas Assistant Stage Manager
Alistair Hepburn Director of Production
Stephanie Ripley Assistant Technical Director
Mary Spyrakis Head of Properties
William Sovie Props Builder
Shelley Heebner Props Builder
Matt Hemming Props Builder
Viola Frazier Props Builder
Lokki Ma Props Intern
Karen Rodd Mask Maker
Barbara E. Singer Head of Wardrobe
Maxyne Baker Wardrobe Buyer
Ina Kerklaan Ladies Cutter
Melanie Farrar Men's Tailor
Leslie Norgate Millinery
Sharon Ryman Production Wig & Hair Supervisor
Krista Nauman First Hand
Jennifer Snowsill First Hand
Dolores Brodhagen Stitcher/Builder
Kate Day Stitcher/Builder
Susan Batchelor Dresser


Chris Carlton Technical Director
Chris Root Head Electrician
Reg Taylor Head Carpenter
Douglas Parker Property Master
Aaron Hanna Sound Operator
Tim Flawn Assistant Electrician
Rob Rea Flyman