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Gavin Fearon

Crew, Lighting Designer, Lighting Technician, Sound Designer, Sound Technician


Cinderella () Crew
Dedicated to the Revolutions () Crew


Earshot () Electrics Crew

Festival Lighting Designer

Terminating () Festival Lighting Designer
In Full Light () Festival Lighting Designer
Trudeau Stories () Festival Lighting Designer
The Trial of Thumbelina () Festival Lighting Designer
The Big Smoke () Festival Lighting Designer

Head Audio

The Princess & the Handmaiden () Head of Audio
Pobby and Dingan () Head of Audio
The Forbidden Phoenix () Head of Audio
You're a Good Man Charlie Brown () Head of Audio
Cranked () Head of Audio
Rough House () Head of Audio
I Think I Can () Head of Audio
Seussical () Head Audio

Sound Designer

Would You Say The Name of This Play? (nggrfg) () Sound Designer
Nearly Lear () Sound