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I Think I Can ()

Produced by

Young People’s Theatre

Co-Creators: Florence Gibson and Shawn Byfield
Director: Conrad Alexandrowicz


The Susan Rubes Theatre


April 9th, 2007 – May 13th, 2007


Told through red-hot, urban tap, i think i can is set in the turbulent world of classroom cliques and schoolyard politics. Tip, a boy with a disability, and his friends, struggle with the class bully and the ambitions of their science teacher. With the grand prize at the science fair on the line, friends and enemies vie for dominance. (


Allison Bradley Joule / Big Boots 3
Kyle Brown Alexander / Big Boots 2
Matthew G. Brown Newton / Big Boots 1
David Cox Biow
Karla Jang Belle
Melody A. Johnson The Teacher / Dad
Tangara Jones Frufie
Tammy Nera Faraday
Everett Smith Tip

Creative Team

Florence Gibson Co-Creator
Shawn Byfield Co-Creator
Conrad Alexandrowicz Director
Julia Tribe Set Designer
Julia Tribe Costume Designer
Cathy Nosaty Sound Designer
Rebecca Picherack Lighting Designer
Stephen Colella Dramaturge
Allen MacInnis Dramaturge


Isaac Thomas Stage Manager
Kristen Kitcher Assistant Stage Manager
Matt Jordan Scenic Carpenter
Kevin Hutson Scenic Carpenter
Jamie Wilson Scenic Carpenter
Roger West Clock Automation
Mattea Kennedy Head Scenic Artist
Brad McInnis Scenic Artist
Amy Cheng Assistant Scenic Artist
Viola Frazier Props Builder
Amanda White Scenic Props Painter
Simon E. R. Evans Props Special Effects
Elaine Cavin May Head of Wardrobe Intern
Tracey Glas Cutter
Melanie McNeill Stitcher
Kate Fraser Stitcher
Karen Hancock Stitcher
Trish Nicholson Stitcher
Jacqueline Robertson-Cull Hair and Wigs
Jeff Churchill Teacher's Shoes Construction
Dan McIlmoyl Crew
Matthew Marshall Crew
J. Louis Berenguer Crew
Matthew Pochwalowski Crew
Al Gullion Crew
Michael Lancashire Crew
Doug Morum Crew
Shanna Miller Crew
Michelle Ramsay Crew


Ian A. Bailie Head Electrician
Jeff Cummings Production Manager
Gavin Fearon Head of Audio
Mary Fulford-Winsor Head of Wardrobe
Nathaniel Kennedy Technical Director
Scott Kitcher Stage Carpenter
Dan Kurek Scenic Carpenter
Elaine Cavin May Wardrobe Mistress
Craig Smith Head Scenic Carpenter
Silvie Varone Head of Properties