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Jabber ()

Produced by

Geordie Productions

Presented by

Young People’s Theatre

Playwright: Marcus Youssef
Director: Amanda Kellock


The Nathan Cohen Theatre


November 26th, 2013 – December 7th, 2013

Awards & Nominations

2014 Dora Award Nominee ~ TYA – Outstanding Production


Fatima is a typical Canadian young woman, rebelling against her strict parents. When anti-Muslim graffiti appears on the school walls, this hijab-wearing teenager is transferred to a new school. There, she makes an unlikely friendship with Jorah, a boy who has a reputation for anger issues. As their mutual attraction grows, the lines they cross to get closer together become the subject of an intense exploration of the meaning of boundaries. Jabber examines assumptions based on appearances within the school world – where a diverse student population must learn to negotiate cross-cultural respect and mutual understanding. (


Ian Geldart Jorah
David Sklar Mr. E
Mariana Tayler Fatima

Creative Team

Marcus Youssef Playwright
Amanda Kellock Director
Amanda Kellock Sound Designer
James Lavoie Set Designer
James Lavoie Costume Designer
James Lavoie Prop Designer
Ana Cappelluto Lighting Designer


Kira Maros Stage Manager
Harrison Bye Crew
Shanna Miller Crew
Parker Nowlan Crew


David Ship Director of Production
Alexis Buset Technical Director
Matt Jordan Studio Technician
Scott Kitcher Operations Assistant
Lokki Ma Head of Properties
Barb Martin Head of Wardrobe
Elaine Cavin May Assistant to the Head of Wardrobe
Elaine Cavin May Wardrobe Mistress
Ryan Wilson Head Scenic Carpenter
Mattea Kennedy Head Scenic Artist
Mark Haasnoot Wardrobe Intern
Peter Tresnak Production Co-op Student