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Geordie Productions



Artistic Director: Dean Patrick Fleming

General Manager: Kathryn Westoll

Geordie Productions aims to entertain, provoke thought, fire up the imagination, and challenge our audiences of all ages. We celebrate the art of theatre and its importance by working with great artists of many disciplines and varied experience to create theatre that is vibrant and engaging. Our work inspires dialogue between children and parents as well as teachers and students. Geordie is committed to giving new life to existing Canadian plays as well as developing and adding new great works to the Canadian Canon. We look to constantly reach out to broaden our audience base by bringing productions to as many areas as we can reach.



Produced by Geordie Productions

Jabber November 26th, 2013 – December 7th, 2013

Current Staff

Dean Patrick Fleming Artistic Director (2006 - Present)
Kathryn Westoll General Manager
Jessica Abdallah Education and Outreach Manager
Vanessa Rigaux Communications and Marketing Manager
Katharine Childs Box Office Manager
Jimmy Blais Administrative Assistant
Diana Daly Production Manager
James Douglas Tour Manager

Former staff

Elsa Bolam Founding Artistic Director (1980 - 2006)