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We Walk Among You ()

Produced by

Artichoke Heart Collective

Director: Tijiki Morris


Tarragon Theatre – Extra Space


October 2nd, 2014 – October 12th, 2014


We Walk Among You follows a doctor that will stop at nothing to revive his son and reunite his family. While he performs horrifying research at an abandoned hospital, a creature from the outside enters and is discovered to be the missing element in the doctor’s experimentation. (


Michelle Urbano Puppeteer
Talia DelCogliano Puppeteer
Aisha Bentham Puppeteer
Andrew Young Puppeteer
David Chinchilla Puppeteer
Dayna Miller Swing Puppeteer
Alexandra Barberena Foley Artist

Creative Team

Tijiki Morris Director
Flavia Hevia Set Designer
Jennifer Lennon Lighting Designer
Michelle Bensimon Sound Designer
Sam Bergmann-Good Assistant Sound Designer
David Chinchilla Co-Fight Director
Alexandra Barberena Co-Fight Director
Nina Lee Aquino Dramaturge


Michelle Urbano Producer
Kristina Abbondanza Production Stage Manager
Mandy E. MacLean Media Contact
Meara Tubman-Broeren Assistant Producer
Lin-Mei Lay Head of Puppet Build 2014
Ola Roks Graphic Designer
Maureen Barry Graphic Designer
Sam Bergmann-Good Graphic Designer
Ksenia Ivanova Scenic Painter
Radoslav Smaczny Carpentry