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Larger Than Life: The Musical ()

Produced by

Ghost Light Projects

Book: SG Lee
Lyrics: SG Lee
Music: Vanessa LeBourdais
Director: Wes Berger


Factory Studio Theatre


May 21st, 2010 – June 12th, 2010


Larger Than Life: The Musical is funny, passionate, and full of insights into life, love, children and low-fat muffins. This light-hearted musical looks at the lives of five very different women who are discovering how great it is to be “larger than life.” Featuring the songs “Fat Cow In A China Shop” and “These Ain’t Your Mama’s T*ts.”  (


Sarah Haley Matte Ange
Allison Price Charly
Renee Strasfeld Marnie
Kris Skjellerup Pat
Louisa O’Keane Violet

Creative Team

SG Lee Book
SG Lee Lyrics
Vanessa LeBourdais Music
Wes Berger Director
Sarah Murphy-Dyson A.D.
Sarah Murphy-Dyson Choreographer
Andrée-Ann Deschênes Musical Director
Tim Lindsay Sound Designer
Remington North Lighting Designer
Stephen Elgar Set Designer/Coordinator
Stephen Elgar Props Designer/Coordinator


Genevieve Magtoto Stage Manager
Jamal Dabraeo Assistant Stage Manager
Tim Lindsay Technical Director
T.J. Tasker Ticketing
T.J. Tasker Web Designer
Qasim Khan Graphic Designer


Bryan Eaton Venue Technician