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Dry Powder ()

Produced by

Evermore Theatre Company

Playwright: Sarah Burgess
Director: Angela Besharah


Meridian Arts Centre – Greenwin Theatre


April 4th, 2019


April 4th, 2019 – April 14th, 2019


The same week his private equity firm forced massive layoffs at a national grocery chain, Rick Hannel threw himself an extravagant engagement party, setting off a publicity nightmare. Fortunately, Seth, one of Rick’s partners, has a dream of a deal to invest in an American-made luggage company for a song that will rescue his boss from the PR disaster. But Jenny, Rick’s other partner, has an entirely different plan: to maximize returns, no matter the consequences. The game is on in this razor-sharp, satirical play about the price of success and the real cost of getting the deal done. (


Rebecca Liddiard Jenny
Peter Keleghan Rick
Christef Desir Seth
Greg White Jeff

Creative Team

Sarah Burgess Playwright
Angela Besharah Director
Jung-Hye Kim Set Designer
Jung-Hye Kim Costume Designer
André Du Toit Lighting Designer
Ian LeFeuvre Composer
Jasper Gahunia Composer


Victoria Wang Stage Manager
Kelly Boudreau Assistant Stage Manager
Suzie Balogh Production Manager
Jacqueline Robertson-Cull Wig Master
Greg White Producer
Nigel Shawn Williams Producer
Peter Apostolopoulos Co-Producer
Myron Genyk Associate Producer
Alaadin Khasawneh Associate Producer
Jeremy Klein Associate Producer
Vera Klein Associate Producer
Stephanie Gorin Casting Director
Tim Singleton Graphic Designer
Eric Coffey Printing Services


Bryan Eaton Head Technician
Mike Mills Audio Technician
Tyler Vance Stagehand