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Take Me Back to Jefferson ()

Produced by

Factory Theatre and Theatre Smith-Gilmour

Author: William Faulkner
Adapter: Dean Gilmour and Michele Smith
Directors: Michele Smith and Dean Gilmour


Factory Mainspace Theatre


November 5th, 2014 – November 23rd, 2014

Awards & Nominations

2015 Dora Award Winner (General Theatre Division) – Outstanding Lighting Design (Andre Du Toit)

2015 Dora Award Nominee (General Theatre Division) – Outstanding Performance – Ensemble


An original adaptation,   Take Me Back to Jefferson is the evocative Southern gothic chronicle of the Bundren family odyssey across the Mississippi countryside to bury their wife and mother.   Calamity haunts their

40-mile funeral procession, an absurdly tragic journey through the grotesque intersection of character and circumstance. (


Dean Gilmour Anse / Moseley / Reverend Whitfield / Quick
Michele Smith Addie
Nina Gilmour Dewy Dell / Littlejohn / Lula
Benjamin Muir Jewel / Peabody / The Marshall
Daniel Roberts Vardaman / Armstid
Dan Watson Cash / Tull / Gillespie / MacGowan
Julian DeZotti Darl / Samson

Creative Team

William Faulkner Author
Dean Gilmour Adapter
Michele Smith Adapter
Michele Smith Director
Dean Gilmour Director
Teresa Przybylski Set Designer
Teresa Przybylski Costume Designer
André Du Toit Lighting Designer


Heather Thompson Stage Manager
Jennifer Radford Publicist
Katie Leamen Associate Publicist
Jennifer Radford Graphic Designer
Meara Tubman-Broeren Associate Producer


Erin Birkenbergs Production Manager
Jamie Monteiro Mainspace Technical Director
Bryan Eaton Assistant Production Manager