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Alzheimer That Ends Heimer ()

Produced by

What’s-His-Name Productions

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Playwright: Jay Teitel
Composer: Jay Teitel
Director: Jordan Pettle


Factory Mainspace Theatre


August 8th, 2013 – August 18th, 2013


“It’s twelve o’clock; do you know who your children are?”
‘Alzheimer That Ends Heimer’ (aka ‘Six Characters in Search of Their Car Keys’ or ‘Tuesdays with What’s-His-Name’) is a musical about the lighter side of dementia; a cross between a Power Point presentation and “Marat-Sade”; and a love story involving a father, a son, and two hot twenty-somethings who keep losing track of who they are. See it and you’ll never forget it. (Hopefully.) (


Kathryn Davis Sue
Ben Irvine George
Amy Rutherford Dementieva
Jay Teitel Narrator

Creative Team

Jay Teitel Playwright
Jay Teitel Composer
Jordan Pettle Director
Monica Dottor Choreographer


Kaitlin Hickey Stage Manager
Kaitlin Hickey Projection Coordinator
Jay Teitel Producer
Shannon Perreault Associate Producer
Amy Stewart Costume Coordinator
Debra Friedman Promotional Photos
HAUI Promotional Video


Josh Hoodless Venue Technician
Bryan Eaton Venue Technician
Jamie Monteiro Festival Lighting Designer
Jamie Monteiro Venue Technician