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Grimm Too ()

Produced by

Theatre Smith-Gilmour

Presented by

Factory Theatre

Directors: Michele Smith and Dean Gilmour


Factory Studio Theatre


February 23rd, 2010 – February 21st, 2010


As day turns to night and darkness approaches, storytellers come out to spin their lies: beautiful lies that “stage” the invisible, giving way to a deeper reality, reminding us of who we are and what it is to be human. Faithful to the original Grimm stories, GRIMM too is a stunningly whimsical and moving piece filled with romance, tragedy, and comedy. These mythical stories speak to the violence we experience in daily life. (


Michele Smith Performer
Dean Gilmour Performer
Pragna Desai Performer
Adam Paolozza Performer
Dan Watson Performer

Creative Team

Michele Smith Director
Dean Gilmour Director
Julia Tribe Set Designer
Julia Tribe Costume Designer
Kimberly Purtell Lighting Designer


Jessica Severin Stage Manager
Stefan Lenzi Production Manager
Benjamin Muir Production Intern / Assistant
Elisa Gilmour Photography


Bryan Eaton Technical Director - Studio Theatre
Aaron Kelly Factory Theatre Production Manager
Shawn Henry Apprentice Production Manager