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Counting Sheep ()

Produced by

Hot Feat Productions

Presented by

Lemon Bucket Orkestra

Creators: Mark Marczyk and Marichka Marczyk
Director: Mark Marczyk


Hugh’s Room


May 26th, 2016 – June 5th, 2016


Counting Sheep is a deeply personal retelling of the Maidan revolution in Ukraine – an immersive Ukrainian guerrilla folk opera set to the electrifying sounds of Toronto’s beloved balkan-gypsy-klezmer-party-punk band, the Lemon Bucket Orkestra.

Based on the creators’ first-hand experiences during the 2014 Kyiv protests, Counting Sheep invites you to lose yourself in the events that changed the course of Ukraine’s history forever. Sing, march, protest, dance, eat, help, recoil, fight, laugh, cry – this is immersive theatre at its most gripping. Sung in traditional Ukrainian polyphony, Counting Sheep is a visceral exploration into the politics of revolution, beating with the heart of a people yearning for a better tomorrow. (Show Facebook Event)


Volodymyr Bedzvin Performer
Nathan Dell-Vandenberg Performer
Tamar Ilana Performer
Michael Louis Johnson Performer
Michael Keene Performer
Oskar Lambarri Performer
Marichka Marczyk Performer
Mark Marczyk Performer
Dima Nechepurenko Performer
Jaash Singh Performer
Ian Tulloch Performer
Chris Weatherstone Performer
Stephania Woloshyn Performer
Aaron Janke Chorus
Hayden Finkelshtain Chorus
Katya Marczyk Chorus
Natalia Telentso Chorus

Creative Team

Mark Marczyk Creator
Marichka Marczyk Creator
Mark Marczyk Director
Marichka Marczyk Musical Director
Michael Rubenfeld Associate Director
Matthew Cherkas Set Designer
Matthew Cherkas Prop Designer
Kaitlin Hickey Lighting Designer
Pedro Bonatto de Castro Video Designer
Adam Jules Associate Lighting Designer
Oksana Hawrylak Mask Design


Kelly Read Stage Manager
Matthew Cherkas Assistant Stage Manager
Kaitlin Hickey Production Manager
JP Faienza Assistant Production Manager
Adam Jules Head Technician
William Patrick Porter Sound Technician
Stephania Woloshyn Head of Wardrobe
Allison Cummings Movement Coach
Michael Louis Johnson Cook
Yura Rafalui Cook
Cielia Scala Mask Maker
Michael Rubenfeld Producer
Magda Rubenfeld Koralewska Graphic Designer
Irene Solomon Publicity
Sue Balint Associate Producer
Kai Masaoka Crew
Eric Read Crew
Sally Roberts Crew
Oksana Hawrylak Original Program