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Trip ()

Produced by

MCM Productions

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Director: Simon Bloom
Writers: Colin Mercer and Maureen Gualtieri and Leah Jane Esau


The Annex Theatre


July 5th, 2013 – July 13th, 2013


TRIP is three short plays that ask: What happens when we make a deal with the Devil? Linked by the performance of one man, this solo-show takes you through the fabled halls of rock music’s lost Gods, inside the mind of a man coping with grief, and onto the battlefield between genetically modified genius-monkeys and their dark human rulers. Come on this TRIP… (


Colin Mercer Performer

Creative Team

Simon Bloom Director
Colin Mercer Writer
Maureen Gualtieri Writer
Leah Jane Esau Writer
Edouard Leve Author of "Suicide", adapted into "A Very Long Obituary"


Madison Gellman Producer
Waleed Ansari Stage Manager
Jantien Sneyd Assistant Stage Manager


Jesse Noodle Venue Technician
Joseph Patrick Festival Lighting Designer
Kai Masaoka Venue Technician