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Plus One ()

Produced by

Backyard Spaceship

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Creators: Gavin Williams and Lindsay Mullan


The Solo Room


June 29th, 2016 – July 10th, 2016


Hello! I’m Gavin and I’m doing an improv show in the Tarragon Solo Room, but I don’t like to be alone. Each night I’ll be joined by a different improvisor and given a show challenge, but the twist is: I won’t know the improvisor or the challenge until the show starts. Join me and my “plus one” for an hour of laughter, improvised storytelling, and mischief! (


Gavin Williams Performer

Creative Team

Gavin Williams Creator
Lindsay Mullan Creator


Kai Masaoka Venue Technician
Scarlett Larry Venue Technician
Kai Masaoka Festival Lighting Designer