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Produced by

Tarragon Theatre

Playwright: Rosa Laborde
Director: Jackie Maxwell


Tarragon Theatre – Mainspace


March 8th, 2022 – March 13th, 2022


Seekers come from far and wide to discover ‘the truth’ of their existence at an ashram devoted to meditation, contemplation and relinquishing thought. But a new student threatens to undermine the whole endeavor while simultaneously, and unexpectedly, becoming undone. A play about who we think we are versus the thoughts that make us what we think. (


Maria Del Mar Valentina
Shakura Dickson Beni
Sara Farb Willow
Christine Horne Angie
Linda Kash Mukti
Hardee T. Lineham Michael
Philip Riccio Jesse
Maurice Dean Wint Theo

Creative Team

Rosa Laborde Playwright
Jackie Maxwell Director
Michael Gianfrancesco Set Designer
Michael Gianfrancesco Costume Designer
Bonnie Beecher Lighting Designer
Deanna H. Choi Sound Designer
Noah Feaver Associate Lighting Designer
Stewart Legere Assistant Sound Designer
Joanna Falck Dramaturge
Jackie Maxwell Dramaturge


Meghan Callan Stage Manager
Daniel Oulton Stage Manager
Lily Cardiff Apprentice Stage Manager
Georgia Mamakis Yoga Teacher
Marla Meenakshi Joy Shruti Box Consultant


Theresa Cutknife Producer
Gerry Egan Production Manager
Julia Surich Head of Wardrobe
Kai Masaoka Technical Director
Justin Miller Metcalfe Creative Producing Intern
Andrew Chute Head Carpenter
Karen Elizabeth Mainspace Technician
Fina MacDonell Properties
Tim Hill Properties