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On the Brink ()

Produced by

Urbanvessel Performing Arts Inc

Composer: Juliet Palmer
Choreographer: Aria Evans


Amos Waites Park


September 15th, 2017 – September 16th, 2017


On the Brink speaks to the powerful role of Lake Ontario as a place of encounter between cultures and as a border and barrier to movement. Adrift on the water, swimming against the current, travelers finally set foot on land. Do they forget what they’ve left behind? Searching for belonging, they shake off the old world and step into the new. (


Tia Kushniruk Dancer
Pulga Muchochoma Dancer
Kathia Wittenborn Dancer
Jocelyn Barth Voice
Heidi Breier Voice
Mingjia Jessica Chen Voice
Juliet Palmer Voice (Leader)
Olivia Shortt Voice
Rebecca Singh Voice
Jackson Welchner Voice

Creative Team

Juliet Palmer Composer
Aria Evans Choreographer
Aria Evans Videographer
Germaine Liu Audio Installation
Sonja Rainey Costume Designer
Sonja Rainey Environmental Design
Kai Masaoka Lighting Designer
Kai Masaoka Sound Designer
Michael Murray Wearable Technology, Solar Design
Dionne Brand Text


Tara Kannanngara Trumpet
Heather Saumer Trombone
Doug Tielli Trombone
Germaine Liu Percussion
Mark Zurawinski Percussion


Laura Philipps Production Manager
Miriam Palmer Production Assistant
Astrid Chandler Production Assistant
Michael Murray Wearable Technology and Solar Fabrication